What is an Ashram

The Christian Ashram Experience

Each Ashram today continues to follow the original format instituted by Dr. E. Stanley Jones. The unique Ashram format offers a break from everyday demands to allow space and time for learning, prayer, reflection, fellowship, and rest.

Open Heart

Early in the retreat experience, participants gather into small groups to express in a heartfelt way the blessings, needs, and spiritual desires that they have coming into the Ashram.  This time lays the groundwork for the openness and closeness that will be shared over the next few days.

Bible Hour

The Ashram experience is rooted in the practice of listening for God. Each day, a gifted and qualified Bible teacher provides substantive, Scripture-based lessons for reflection and discussion.


Prayer Groups

Journeying together throughout the retreat, prayer groups offer each Ashram attendee the opportunity to reflect on what they have heard, share what they feel, receive encouragement, and join in prayer for one another in love.


Evangelistic Sermons

Opening to God’s Spirit and rekindling the fire of our faith is an essential goal of the Ashram experience. Gifted and qualified Christian Ashram evangelists are dynamic, bold, and relevant in their proclamation of the Word.


Healing and Wholeness

Often a pivotal moment during the retreat, each Ashram includes a time when participants are given the opportunity to receive physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing through prayer and community support.




Overflowing Heart

As the Ashram draws to a close, the entire community in attendance gathers to reflect and share how each one has been blessed, challenged, and equipped for continuing growth and ministry during the retreat. This special time of praise to God and encouragement of one another prepares us all to return to our lives ready for what God has for us to do.


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